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Upcoming Retreats


Wise, wild & Worthy

CYCLE I:Initiation

A Woman’s Journey To Honoring And Embodying Her Sacred Feminine Power…

July 2020

Join Jamie Festa and Deena Dadachanji for this powerful, four day long journey, of unfolding into the beauty and strength that is truly the essence of who you are as a woman. A safe, trusting and nurturing space to heal and transform individual and collective wounds will invoke a remembrance of the wisdom that is within you already.

Through ancient rituals and self care techniques you will be able to connect more deeply to your natural cycles, and inner wildness. Practices that invite in vulnerability, speaking, acknowledging and respecting boundaries, and releasing shame will ground and anchor in the self trust that is needed to open your heart and spirit to building a stronger relationship with yourself, others, and with Mother Nature.

A few places are remaining for those who are called to this deep, transformative and world-changing work!

Could that be you?

wise, wild & Worthy

Weekend Immersion

A Woman’s Journey To Honoring And Empowering Her Sacred Feminine Power…

February 2020 ( two Wknds, level 1 and level 2 will be offered)

Women are the keepers of the wisdom of Creation. Our body is the soil for new seeds and the portal through which life enters this world. We are the vessels to heal ourselves, our communities and the world. Our body's cycles are designed to synchronize with the changing of the moon and tides. Connected to the cosmos and the earth, we are powerful beyond measure.

And yet, we can feel so small.

We have forgotten... we have forgotten who we truly are. We have forgotten what we are designed to be. We have forgotten our purpose. We have forgotten why Nature created us.

Do you feel connected to the true essence of who you are? What is your relationship to your body? To your heart? To your womb? Do you trust yourself? How do you relate to your own sense of power? Who do you give your power away to? And why do you give it away? How can you reclaim your power?


A Yoga, Detox, Meditation Program

Dates for 2020 Coming Soon

Join Jamie Festa, of We Rise Together, for a rejuvenating and revitalizing week of detoxifying the mind, body and spirit. Deeply connect with yourself and others, come back to your true nature, enliven your senses, fully align with your healthy body, and experience pure mental clarity and the joy of being fully present!  You will have new perspectives, tools, and friendships that stay with you when you go. You will leave feeling full.….. heart bursted open, smile wide, body healthy, strong and nourished, and that “sparkle” in your eyes. ALIVE


Bodywork & Healing

We offer a plethora of modalities and experiences to help guide your body, mind, and spirit into its highest and best alignment, balance and well being. From here your bodies innate healing abilities will have a safe space to do their work.   


Relaxing In

Visualize yourself sitting on the warm sand. Feel the texture and temperature of the sand on your bare skin. Feel the sand between your toes, and the wind blowing through your hair. You take a deep breath in, and as the sun begins to set, you exhale, your body settles in even more, into the earth beneath you, and you deepen into relaxation. The softness of the pinks and oranges that fill your vision, for as far as the eyes can see, relaxes and softens your eyes. You feel deeply relaxed. The sound of the waves crashing on the shore aligns with your own inner rhythm, your heart sinks with the heart beat of our mother, earth. Nowhere to go, nothing to do, you keep surrendering to the depth of complete relaxation. 

Allow yourself, keep feeling, go deeper, you are worth it.



Get wet, get dirty, climb trees, swing from vines, laugh, explore, adventure. There is nothing more nourishing and connected than purely being in nature. Allow the excitement, the curiosity, the wonder to captivate you on every level. Become alive again, let the adventures begin.


Taste Love

Taste the depth of deliciousness and nourishment that comes from experiencing the culinary flavors of food that is cooked from the heart.  Cooking is an art form, a creative expression, a form of sharing, caring, and showing love.  There is nothing more enjoyable and fulfilling than feeling the life and love bursting through the rich flavors and orgasmic delight of a truly heart filled bite. Food brings us together and nourishes our souls.


Live Your Adventure

Don’t let anything or anyone get in the way of you fully experiencing the joy of being alive. Life is too short to let it pass you by. Awaken the adventure inside and join us on this amazing journey...