Cooking for Retreats & Gatherings

We are foodies that have been cooking for communities, retreats and catering private events for the past 20 years. Creating healthy, delicious, and beautifully presented whole, non-processed, home made food offerings, for all dietary needs, is a passion and an honor in every aspect. Cooking is one of our favorite creative expressions, coming directly from the heart, to nourish the mind, body, and spirit with every bite. We deliver love and comfort in both its organic simplicity and its decadence. 

Private Cooking Classes

Create an exciting afternoon or evening with loved ones, friends, or simply treat yourself to a delicious and fun learning journey that invokes and alivens the senses and improves your skills in the kitchen. We can work together to make a simple day something special or make a special day a lasting memory on all levels.  Cooking together is something that has brought people together for millions of years and builds connection through laughter, fun, creativity, and love. As well, sharing food is a powerful moment of breaking bread and enjoying in the deliciousness of co-creation, celebration, and community. Everything is possible... 

**make Bone broth, KOMBUCHA, pickles, sprouts, jams, kimchi, granola,vegan treats & gluten free bread


Fresh, Local & Organic

We encourage everyone we work with to use as much fresh, local, organic foods as is possible for their budget. This is not only important for the health of the guests, but for the health, well being, and sustainability of our planet and its stewards.  The small local and organic growers around our world work effortlessly, on the ground level, to assure that our resources are cared for, nutritious, and continue to be abundant for the next generations. Check out the documentary, Seed-The Untold Story, to understand the depth of how important this is for each and every one of us and our planet.  


Herb Gardens at Home

Having an herb garden at your house is so many things and more. The simplicity of planting, tending these living beings with love, and harvesting their abundance for use in your kitchen and to share with your loved ones brings another level of aliveness and connection to your daily life. Fresh herbs add so much flavor and uniqueness to any dish and there is much more to be invoked in these amazing plants. The medicinal quality of each herb has the potential to enliven a curiosity in you as to the endless possibilities of what else can be created.  Things as simple as teas and baths, to making your own oils, tinctures, salves, and soaps will empower you to tune into your innate sense of living a more natural life, and unleash the wild wizard in you.  

We will work together with you to create and customize a space and type of garden that best suits your needs.



Want a taste

Request and create a menu that meets your needs, check our availability, put together a private cooking class for you and your friends, create your dream garden, or any other inspiration or information you would like from us below. We look forward to nourishing you and making your event an unforgettable experience for the heart, through the senses.