Dream Catcher Workshop

Groups and Privates             2 hours

Making a dream catcher for yourself or as a gift for a child or friend is a beautiful, relaxing and creative experience. Dream catchers are intentional and powerful tools to assist you during the journey into dream time. They originate in the Ojibwe tradition and were intended to protect people by allowing good dreams to go through the holes in the center of the dream catcher and then slide down the feathers to the person sleeping below. It is believed that the bad dreams are caught in the web and at sunrise they are all burned up and transmuted.  

Symbolically, the circular shape represents the circle of life, with no beginning and no end. This relates to the belief that death is a part of life and that the spirit lives on. The weave resembles a spider's web, a single bead the spider, and multiple beads the trapped dreams.

Dreams are highly revered as having strength and providing spiritual guidance for the waking life. Let's weave together.

Huichol Thread Art

Groups and Privates             2 Hours

Huichols are an indigenous people who mostly live in the mountainous areas of northern Jalisco and parts of Nayarit in north central Mexico. Huichol is derived from the word Wirriarika, which means soothsayer or medicine man in the Huichol  language.  The religious faith of the Huichol's is still based on a “trinity” of veneration of the deer, corn and peyote (which is used as a shamanic medicine).  They did not have a written language until recently, so these symbols and many others were and are the primary form of preserving the ceremonies, myths and beliefs of ancient Huichol religion. 

The technique uses wax, colorful threads and Huichol symbolism to create a textured art piece that delivers a richness of meaning and a depth of strength in its story. This work is a powerful experience of creation. 


Smudge Bundles 

Groups and Privates                      1 hour

Indigenous peoples and shamans around the world burn sacred herbs (also certain resins),  for cleansing and blessing both people (and other beings), and spaces of stale or stuck energies as well as calling in prayers. Typically a particular herb (often sage or cedar) or a mixture of several herbs, as well as flowers, are bundled together and tied for use in this way. The bundle gets used in a ceremonial way and usually can be reused many times after. 

Smudging is a beautiful ritual to start and/or end your day, practice, meditation, ceremony, or simply to invoke conscious intention into something that is being done.  When used repetitively in this way, they also create a scent that can transport someone immediately into a safe, held, state of well being and peace. Because they are such powerful tools for the spirit, they can also be quite beautiful and thoughtful gifts. Whether they are made simply natural or embellished with a bit of creativity, such as being tassled with feathers and beads, they will be sure to touch the heart of the receiver.  Simple and easy to learn and share.


Create with us:

Creativity sparks the joy and excitement inside of us.  Let's make beautiful things, embedded with deep intentions, together. 


Let's Create Magic