And so it grows....


We Rise Together is a community platform for the deep family of brothers and sisters that I have been so grateful to be connected with in healing, love, creation, excitement and joy over the past several years. These deep bonds have been spreading wider and far deeper the more willing I have been to go there inside myself, on my own personal journey through this amazingly full, alive, joyous, yet challenging and growth inducing life.  Opening, authentically, at every turn, to the endless possibilities to feel truly alive.

As I have learned, throughout this process, you never know what life is going to throw at you or what will be created, out of pure magic, for you to unfold into. And so, We Rise Together, is an example of exactly that. Creative energy began to flow as the platform unfolded on its own. The intention being of and from the purest of places to share, support, create healing space, transformational experiences, adventures, fun, offer our gifts and wisdom to the world in collaboration and create a community for all to be seen, held, supported, believed in, trusted, valued, and brought together in various ways, to help us all feel the essence of truly belonging.

 Who would have known that it would unfold into a space where we can all grow together! Truly, as I sit here, writing in the wonderment and amazement of the potential that streams through, in this present moment, the seed of a magical process of creating from service and joy is unfolding. I can feel it and I can't seem to contain the spark of life that is blooming deep within my being. 

The space is for the dream of our collaboration to unfold. For all of the beauties that I have in my life and all those to come that are holding so much brightness, love,joy, and that have so much to share for this healing, exciting, adventurous journey we are all on

together.  Who knows, one day you could find yourself here, as part of We Rise Together, part of the family, awakened to the power that is already within you and ready to share your very unique and amazing offerings with the world. I look very forward to that day. 

Here, at We Rise Together, we have been doing our work for some time, holding people, experiences, healings, events, journeys, adventures, creating safe transformative spaces, retreats, fun and offering ourselves in the name of love and service. Now, WE RISE TOGETHER!

The magic has only just begun.....

With love and support,    

Jamie Festa

Creatrix of We Rise Together