Terms & Policies



All bookings will be confirmed as soon your deposit has been received. 


All funds will be fully reimbursed (not including the deposit) if cancellation is done in a timely manner. For all retreats, we ask that you cancel your booking within two weeks of the beginning date of the retreat. This will give us enough time to refill your space. For all other offerings and therapies, you will be informed on their cancellation policy upon inquiry at the time of booking.


For all retreats, we ask that you arrive one day before the start of the actual retreat (the arrival day). This gives us all the time to get to know the space, make connections with each other, settle in, and have a basic idea of what to expect in the days to come.


Our retreats will take place at the beautiful, Las Dunas Surf Resort, in Aposentillo, Nicaragua.  Our Woman's Retreat will take place at the transformative and exquisite, DIMA Mallorca.  For all other offerings and therapies, your therapist will inform you upon inquiry.


It is with no judgment, full support and acceptance of you, that we ask you to please inform us of any medical conditions or medications that are part of your current reality. We are here to deeply connect and heal through understanding, trust, and love for one another.  Each and every one of us, including our therapists, are experiencing  the challenges and joys of this human life. After all, we are in this together, thankfully!