I wasn’t sure about joining the retreat initially because I am an incredibly busy person and I didn’t think I had the time or energy. Only once I got into the retreat did I realize how much I needed this time-out and weekend with women. As a result of giving myself this gift, I had a lot of Aha Moments and was really able to connect with myself in the safe and sacred space. Although I was skeptical about the impact of this retreat, it unlocked and unleashed a deep trauma that needed healing. This moved my soul deeply and let me tap into a message that led me to an epiphany. From a thorny rose, I felt this deep blooming and opening into something I had hidden away from myself. It was something that was buried, and it came up into the surface in a symbolic and incredibly vivid dream on the first night of the retreat, like my subconscious finally dealing with the issues of my past. I did not realize how deeply this trauma in the past was affecting my daily behaviours and decisions. I felt safe to approach the facilitators to support me to deal with this trauma, which came up in the middle of the night through the nightmare. I knew I was safe and held with their presence. Within the first day, I had this huge release and I felt ten years younger because I had let go of this trauma. I felt calmer, more at ease and able to be more creative with all the incredible tools you provided. Having access to art and creativity during the retreat was very meaningful for me. I could envision the woman I wanted to paint on the canvas, which is a good reflection of my own ability to communicate and let my subconscious bring this woman to life. It also awakened my inner creative side, of which I had neglected. This retreat made me see how deeply I was neglecting myself, my past traumas and my own gifts and talents. It taught me that I need to give myself time and space, meditation and to pay attention to my dreams. It made me see that my soul is craving a creative outlet. The sessions in the retreat provided the tools and support to really come to this realization. I have had hugely powerful connections with women who I had never met before. I also learned about my own menstrual cycle, which is knowledge and tools that I have not had. I see the power of my cycle and what cost it comes with when we do not recognize and honour the cycle. I also felt grateful to sing and move, and to have my voice heard through the songs and dancing. I have realized that I need to pay attention to the deeper things that I push aside in my daily life, and I am grateful for the safe space to let it out. I am grateful for the conscious container to listen to myself and understand my own internal communication, which is happening all the time and is encouraged in the retreat. Thank you for reminding me about what matters and re-awakening the potential of the gifts I have!
— angela brown, uk, march 2019
I have just completed THE most magical healing programme at the most beautiful retreat centre in Mallorca. It is a truly life changing programme. I would like to recommend Wise, Wild, & Worthy, at DIMA Mallorca, to all my sisters who want to do radical healing work.

I usually really struggle in a group setting. I lose myself, forget myself, compare myself, find myself lacking in all kinds of ways. This time when I wobbled I let myself be held. I let myself be seen. I literally allowed a group of 4 extraordinary women to gather round me and hold me as I sobbed and sobbed and sobbed my old, stuck pain out of my body. And I looked them in the eye and thanked them with tears and snot running down my face. And this courage to be seen has changed my life.

Because I allowed myself to be witnessed and held in my deepest pain, I broke through to the other side. I broke into my light, really as fully as I ever have. The clouds are still there, but intermittent, lighter, more transient.
I felt the lightness of myself when with others, for the most part, not always of course. Laughter and lightness came so naturally to me amongst these women. They commented a lot on my humour. This has been lacking a lot since I was a child because of so much heaviness that I’ve been carrying. Their responses to me reflected back in the most beautiful way, the return of lightness to my ‘being.’
I wish for ALL my sisters to experience this lightness of being. I had been searching for it my entire life.
The willingness to be seen and to be held in our full emotional nakedness is the only way. This healing work requires others. We can’t do it alone, hiding away from the world in the privacy of our own bedrooms. We must be WITNESSED in all our mess by those who can hold us. We must make a pledge to ourselves to stop hiding our mess, our grief, our rage, our sadness. It’s ALL there. We must give space for these things to rise within us, to be expressed, to be seen and to be released. This is not selfish or indulgent work. This is THE work that each of us must step into if we want to see the world around us be radically healed xxxx 🧚🏽♀️¨

Facilitated by Kanika Frings , Deena Dadachanji & Jamie Festa with an incredible group of courageous woman <3

— Laura Marianne Pickerill, England, July 2018
The Wise, Wild and Worthy Retreat at Dima Mallorca was a life-changing experience for me. Deena, Jamie and Kanika created a sacred and safe space, with such a loving attention to details and intentions that shone through all the work that they did with us. This enabled all of us to connect in deep and healing ways, and gave us resources and understandings that we could take back with us and implement into our lives. I loved the Moon Journal idea, which I have been keeping up everyday and hope to for many moons to come, as it’s helped me to be in tune with my body’s rhythms and cycles. I loved the exercises that we did together and appreciated all the care that had gone in to it. I felt so seen, heard and a strong sense of love and devotion by all who were present during this retreat. The location at Dima was absolutely divine, especially the Budha Hall where we met daily and being surrounded by nature and the most breath-taking view of the stars in the night sky. I really enjoyed cooking and eating communally with my sisters, this was a special time for me. There was much that took me outside of my personal comfort zones, which I needed to see how much I’ve grown and how far I’ve come. It was such a huge gift to me in my life, and has inspired me endlessly to what is possible for myself personally and collectively in the world when women connect with love and reverence for each other and the Earth. Thank you ladies, endlessly!
— nysha johnson, canada, july 2018
What a journey it was to be a part of the Wise Wild and Worthy Women’s retreat - I can’t even believe everything we shared, learned, lived, it was so deep, special, rich in experiences.
We were guided so well by the amazing Deena, Jamie and Kanika, I feel so grateful for all the efforts they put into it and how it all felt so natural, comfortable, safe. They really held the space in a way that I felt free to be myself, to open up, to explore and also go deep in self-reflection.
They were full of compassion and love, giving so much from their hearts, holding the space for us to shed light on our essence, to let light shine on our qualities and honoring our darkness.
I loved learning about the moon cycle and how it connects to womanhood.

The location is perfect for the retreat, surrounded by nature, wide open sky all around to see the stars. Even being an introvert, it was fun and comfortable to live in this community of women and I still felt that I had the space I needed to be with myself and rest. Oh and did I mention also that is was so much fun? and the food was delicious?

My heart is now filled with beautiful memories that I go back to whenever I need to feel the support and connection that we shared in our circles and lived all together during these days. I did really feel like stepping into a parallel world! I will be back!

— carole scante, basil switzerland, july 2018
Kanika, Jamie, and Deena created an amazing and beautiful temple for us to explore real sisterhood and connect deeper with ourselves. Stepping out of our comfort zones in a field full of trust, compassion and healing. We let our creativity flow in different and beautiful ways with a lot of playfulness. It was a pleasure to be a part of such an amazing circle of women. Thanks Kanika, Jamie, and Deena for creating this beautiful journey for us- with so much love in every single detail
— janine green, germany, 2018
I can’t thank Kanika, Jamie, and Deena enough for their thoughtfulness and authenticity throughout the Wise, Wild and Worthy retreat. Their unique gifts and talents mixed perfectly together to create a warm, nurturing and transformative space to explore within. DIMA truly is a place to retreat, a home away from home, with stunning veranda views and clear night skies. I felt instantly welcomed into DIMA and the community of women. Over the four days we laughed, cried, danced and healed together knowing that whatever showed up was welcome and held in a safe and sacred space. The Wise, Wild and Worthy retreat was a magical experience, and a journey that has continued, developed, and transcended into my everyday life and practices.
— nina manchester, england, 2018
‘Wild, Wise, and Worthy’ was a transformative retreat that provided critical opportunities for me to reconnect with myself and gently explore things that I have been silencing for a long time. Deena and Jamie are expert facilitators who are generous with their time, knowledge, and loving support. Our discussions helped me connect with my fellow sisters in a way that I never felt able to in the past, and helped me understand the power of women coming together. By the end of the retreat, I felt hopeful in my ability to be creative, trust my power and intuition, and be myself. Thank you Deena and Jamie!

— Jenna Rines, Canada, 2019
I`m so pleased that I took the time to join this retreat, I really feel transformed!
Deena and Jamie were incredible and so supportive all the way, I can`t thank them enough for holding this space for us. This work is very much needed in the world and they are doing an amazing job.
The activities were intense and empowering, being around a group of loving sisters were truly special to me. If you are ready reclaim your power back, this retreat is for you sis! I highly recommend!
— Emi Looker, Canada, 2019
Jamie is a force of nature. A heartful, open, energetic and energizing being that oozes generosity and a sense of adventure. Being around her is like a breeze of fresh air that fills the space with joy and aliveness. I can sincerely recommend virtually any experience Jamie facilitates, as it is guaranteed to have her caring, loving and sparkling, creative touch, which she brings to everything she does. From her exotic cooking, to her sensual massages, to her fun and feminine yoga, to holding space and creating colourful celebrations and deep gatherings...

I promise you, you wanna taste of the wild and wonderful Jamie-energy, in whatever form it comes.
— Kanika Frings, Creator, DIMA Center for Conscious Living, Mallorca
Jamie is a gifted healer and guardian of truth, love, honesty and creative choice. A Taurus Mother of Compassion and sister to many the world over. Jamie is an integral fixture of a growing community of nomadic healers. Through her integrated ritual work, regression and touch therapy and myriad sacred arts practices she is an agent of change bringing in the Aquarian Golden Age and its ethics of interconnection, sharing, empathy, mindfulness, alternative economy, women’s wisdom and most importantly, re-connection with Mama Gaia
— Katie Cercone, Creative Director, ULTRACULTURAL OTHERS Urban Mystery Skool in New York City
Jamie is pure magic. She is the kind of person you can trust with your life. You know she will always watch out for you and create a magical environment for many different people to come together.

Jamie has a special way of putting everybody at ease. She cared for me and went above and beyond so much so that meeting her totally changed the current experience I was having. I had a pre meeting Jamie experience and a post meeting experience. The latter was waaaaaaayyy better and highly recommended!

She is nothing short of a living angel and I would follow her anywhere, anytime! A pure love and magic human.
— Karen Queller, Expressive Arts Therapist, Los Angeles, CA
Jamie is a healer by her birthright. A divine channel, a space-holder, a field of unconditional love. During her massages, I feel held, safe, and ready to release emotions. Her touch, presence, and words support me to process difficult life trauma, and to find the healing and wisdom in these movements. Jamie’s empathic nature and deep sensitivity to energy and emotional currents allows her to tune into you at a level far deeper
than that of the body, into the realms of energy and of the emotional ethers. I highly recommend Jamie as a bodyworker, masseur, or talk therapist for anyone seeking to experience deep and healing touch or a wise presence.

Jamie’s yoga classes are unlike any other that I have experienced. She is able to combine asanas, pranayama, meditation, and movement to creat wonderful and soothing flow classes, as well as strengthening beyond the physical body. Jamie is able to tune into the students’ needs, energy levels, as well as our inner emotional space. Her intuitive nature and vast knowledge of yoga and bodywork come together to create a beautiful space of healing, restoration, strengthening, and balance. I have worked with many yoga teachers, from a wde variey of traditins, and Jamie’s classes continue to be some of my favourites.

I wish we lived closer so that I could have access to her incredible presence, her loving heart, and her profound wisdom EVERYDAY.
— Deena Dadachanji, Creator and Teacher at Falcon Heart Learning Community, Dubai

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— Hope K.