Website:  We Rise Together   Current Location: Mallorca, Spain

Website: We Rise Together

Current Location: Mallorca, Spain

Jamie Festa

Jamie is a lover, a friend, a wise woman, but mostly a presence that feels like home. She taught four year olds for 11 years and continues to bring forth her big hearted essence in the way she holds and teaches groups with excitement, playfulness, adventure, creativity, fun, compassion and patience.  She is a healer. She meets people where they are, accepts them fully, and creates a feeling that allows vulnerability and courageousness to pour through, invoking self-empowerment, self-acknowledgement and self-acceptance . She works deeply and gently on herself, and encourages authenticity, through the way she fully shows up in the world and through her choice to acknowledge her own truth at every opportunity.

Jamie has lived, worked, and traveled the world extensively, she is a yoga teacher (certified by internationally renowned, Rina Jakubawitz-Rina Yoga), Reiki master, seed starter of festivals and the creative spark behind fundraisers and events, as well as a business woman, and a host and cook for retreats and excursions. She has participated in several Vipassanas, trained in Regression Therapy, Thai massage, Alchemy of Touch Myofascial Chi Release, started a Yoga Paddle Boarding business in Miami, and That Sweet Little Coffee Shack- healing space, shop, and more, in the Tri-bays of Love, Thailand.  She has lived in several communities around the world (Punta Mona-Costa Rica, DIMA- Mallorca, Tri Bays of Love-Koh Phangan, Thailand, and she has been a community leader, among many other things, in each and every one.

Jamie has held cacao ceremonies, Woman's Circles, and assisted both, Jeremiah Abram's, in his "Removing The Barriers to Love" retreat, and Fiona Soma's TRE® workshop, at The Sanctuary Thailand, a well known healing, detox and retreat center. She is currently continuing to evolve gracefully and is in a three year Somatic Experience- Trauma Therapy, professional training program.

Jamie loves to be in nature, it is where she feels her best. She has a passion for cooking, bringing people together, selling beautiful pieces, being playful, dressing-up, and celebrating.  She loves to co-create, collaborate, adventure, and have fun.  Jamie has a sparkle in her eye, a light in her heart, and a smile that sits brightly across her face.

She loves to work with people, her touch is of love, and she has a knack for bringing the magic into every experience, making it that much more special. Her warmth, and the grounded and safe presence she holds will allow you to melt into an unfolding of gentle self acceptance. Jamie is wise beyond her years. She sees you, loves you, and accepts all of you.

Jamie is that loving hug you get from a true friend!

Website:  We Rise Together   Curent Location: Dubai, UAE

Website: We Rise Together

Curent Location: Dubai, UAE

Deena dadachanji

Deena is an artist, poet, mystic and mentor who inspires those around her to alchemize and transform their limitations into fuel for their passion and life purpose. Her work combines ancient Vedic and Daoist mysticism with psychosomatic wisdom that is based upon the core truth: everything we need to thrive and live our best lives is already within us. Together with Wise, Wild & Worthy Women’s Collective, Deena offers workshops, retreats and sessions in psychosomatic healing, Reiki, Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage, Women and Womb Wisdom, Tantra, sacred sexuality, psychosexual transformation, conscious dance, and Feminine embodiment practices.

Currently, Deena works with women and girls to share the wisdom and practices that support us in cultivating our authentic Feminine Power and anchoring the sacred wisdom that is our birthright. She offers courses, circles and retreats, as well as one-on-one sessions combining ancient practices of ceremony and ritual with psychosomatic work that is rooted in unconditional love. Deena has developed and teaches The Sacred Path: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Education, an educational curriculum that awakens, cultivates and deepens our connection to our holistic and sacred nature. She is currently developing and teaching courses for a women’s immersion series titled The Body Temple.

Deena’s offerings include a fusion of all her passions that come together to create an alchemical container to reconstruct our relationships to our body, our spirit and our authentic power. She combines the Healing Arts with the written word, art, movement, touch, massage, ancient practices, ritual, and energy work to create an embodied experience of transformation. Her gift of loving presence holds a space in which wounds have permission to surface, fears can be healed, and power is freed to be integrated in harmony with purpose and the soul’s path.

Website:  DIMA   Mallorca   Current Location: Mallorca, Spain

Website: DIMA Mallorca

Current Location: Mallorca, Spain



Kanika Frings is the Co-Founder of DIMA Mallorca, a Centre for Conscious Living on the beautiful island of Mallorca, Spain. It is a vibrant community-based Retreat and Meditation Centre that she runs with the support of Jamie Festa and a dedicated team of seekers.

Kanika grew up in various communities around the world based on the vision of Osho, an enlightened Indian master, which gave her the gift of being introduced to meditation and many other healing practices from a very young age, as well as developing a great appreciation for the benefits and power of community life. The Osho communes of the ‘60s and ‘70s (up until today) attracted world renowned therapists, psychiatrists, philosophers and physicians from around the globe. Thus began the first ever melting pot and experiment of combining ancient spiritual wisdom of the East and in-depth psychological understanding of the West.

Kanika has been fascinated and inquisitive about the human condition since she can remember and, so, drew from these techniques and teachings that were so accessible to her. Participating in her first woman´s group at the age of 12 and continuing with many groups, trainings and meditations, Kanika has experienced and accumulated an extensive understanding of the healing capacity that resides within us all and how to reclaim these forgotten places in ourselves. For Kanika, this endeavour of remembering our true essence is the most exciting and worthwhile journey one can embark on, and although it can be an arduous path that requires courage and commitment as it will inevitably confront us with our shadows of shame, pain, fear, anger and others, it also leads us to truth and gives us back our freedom, our joy and our light. What could be more rewarding?

It is a deep honour and a great pleasure for Kanika to be supporting men and woman on this incredible path of self realisation. With a profound understanding of the work and full presence, she provides a safe and deeply compassionate container for the unique process that each individual moves through, in their own way and their own time. Some of the techniques and modalities she uses in her work with people are the Essence Work of the Diamond Approach, the Wisdom of the Enneagram, Spiritual Coaching, Somatic Experiencing, Guided Meditations, Voice Dialogue and Constellation Work, but above all she intuitively accompanies and guides people in what ever comes up on their sincere expedition of self-inquiry and healing.

Website:  Buena Vibra Kitchen  Current Location: Barcelona

Website: Buena Vibra Kitchen Current Location: Barcelona

Gladimar Sturla

Gladimar Sturla has been working as a massage therapist for the last five years and moving between Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, USA and now Spain. Given her love and passion for traveling, yoga and energy work, she wanted something that she could do wherever she went and what better tool than her own hands? She loves her work and understands how important it is to create a safe space for people to relax so that healing can come through. With that, also comes keeping our bodies healthy and clean, needless to say, she is passionate about food and has integrated this into her travels and work as well.

She was introduced to Native American traditions eight years ago and has dedicated herself to studying the Lakota ways. She has partaken in many of their ceremonies, been in a close student/teacher relation with a Chief, as well as participated in the Sun Dance, where she has gathered many tools and understandings that she incorporates into her daily life in addition to her personal practices of yoga and meditation.  Gladimar studied at Educating Hands School of Massage in Florida, where she is currently licensed, and also has a degree in French. 

With this work, also comes the awareness of how important it is to keep our bodies healthy and clean. So, Gladimar is also passionate about food: growing, cooking, juicing, sprouting, anything related to it.  One of her first jobs was at a small healing center in Puerto Rico where she would prepare workshops on personal detox practices, sprouting (in a small green house), raw foods, and fermenting.   Since then she has continued working in this area and has helped her sister to launch her business, Buena Vibra. 

Through the years Gladimar has learned to listen to what works best for her mind and body, which is a whole foods diet.  She realizes that this way of being not only supports her body and mind, but also supports her commitment to caring for Mother Earth. The extent of her passion for health and well being, abilities, strength, and so much love actually, literally, manifested a kombucha skoby in the form of a heart. WOW! This is truly magic!  Gladimar is truly an earth mama and loves being in nature and spending time connecting to all that is.  She is very excited to meeting you on this journey.

Ema Staicut  Current Location: Germany

Ema Staicut

Current Location: Germany

Website:  Hayley Lander Yoga  Current Location: San Francisco, CA

Website: Hayley Lander Yoga Current Location: San Francisco, CA


Ema loves learning and exploring all the perspectives of being human, of the world around us and beyond. She guides people to remember their truth and power. Remember that we do know who we are and why we are here together even though we feel so lost and alone. She helps us look inside, without any veils of illusion, to see our beauty, to hear our calling, to let go of everything that stops us for stepping into our true nature.

Ema has been working at The Sanctuary Thailand doing Regression- Past Lives and Life In Between Lives to help us understand and heal our wounds and to remember our path beyond space and time. With a strong belief that we are our own best healer, she empowers everyone in her sessions and gives them the tools they need to heal themselves and explore the deepest of their being from a place of curiosity rather than fear. Ema is a Reiki Practitioner and a Certified Yoga Teacher.

She has trained and worked as an actress for over 15 years, diving deep into the workings of the mind, the theme of self-ego-identity, our shadows, perception, expression and communication. She compares daily life with walking on stage. We take on multiple roles depending on who is watching and the watcher also takes different roles depending on what it sees. She offers acting workshops, voice and breath trainings and also team-building workshops. Using writing and theatre as a tool to look beyond all these roles, Ema focuses on bringing awareness on a larger scale, on bringing themes into light-stories we avoid looking at, stories of people who need to find their voice and someone to listen, stories that make us understand the way we function and the way the world does.

Over the past years Ema has been working with different groups of refugees and with sexual workers, their pimps and clients. Most of all Ema encourages people to bring grace and joy into everything and everyone coming their way. Without judging and labeling anything as “good” or “bad”, being just explorers on earth, with the eyes of the child in us.


Hayley is an Internationally Certified Yoga Teacher specializing in Yin, Yoga Therapy, Vinyasa Flow and Ashtanga-Vinyasa. She is also an Advanced Certified Mat-Based Pilates Instructor, as well as a classically trained ballet dancer, Tarot reader, an intuitive energy healer, Reiki practitioner,and trained bodyworker.

Hayley has over 9 years experience teaching globally. Her teaching style focuses on the awareness of breath in order to stay present, while incorporating the importance of postural alignment to facilitate a healthy strong physical body. As a Reiki Healer and with her knowledge of Chinese Medicine and bodywork, Hayley also works with the Nadis/Meridians and Chakra system to balance and re-align not only the physical, and the mental but also the energetic body.  Looking a little deeper at the physical manifestations of emotional or energetic blockages, using Yoga as therapy to not only cure the symptoms of pain or discomfort but to eventually heal them completely.

Currently Hayley is based in the beautiful community of the ‘tri-bay love tribe’ in Koh Phangan, Thailand where she met and fell in love with her incredible sisters Jamie, Deena and Ema. She is the Principal Yoga teacher and onsite Pilates Instructor at the world renowned Sanctuary Resort in Koh Phangan.

This year Hayley will be guest teaching, collaborating on workshops and retreats in locations around New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Nicaragua, and Guatemala.

She has just formed an International Yoga school Svadhyaya School of Yoga, with her dearest friend and fellow Yogini Alicia Casillas. They will be running their own teacher trainings, retreats and reiki initiations worldwide, starting 2019.

Hayley is available for, Teacher trainings, retreats, guest teaching, workshops, structuring personal/rehabilitating programs using Yoga Therapy and Pilates. Regression therapy healing sessions, Thai massage, Chi Nei Tsang (thai abdominal massage), Tarot readings and private yoga lessons can be arranged for those who want to go deeper into their practice. Free consultations, distance healing sessions, and guided meditations can be booked and shared online.

Hayley is passionate about  the gift of Yoga and is so grateful to be able to embrace and share her knowledge of mind and body awareness, assisting and guiding others onto their own unique path as she embraces her own spiritual journey, learning everyday to live from a deeper place of love.