Groups & Privates • 60-90 MINUTES

Yoga is truly a personal practice that is done from within. Just because we may be in a pose that looks as though we are doing yoga, does not actually mean that the practice is happening. Our goal is to encourage you to go deeper into the internal world of presence and awareness of your mind, body and spirit by using various forms of guided physical practice and the breathe as tools to help you create a truer, all accepting experience of yourself. Our teachers teach both active and passive styles such as Vinyasa, Yin/Yang, Yin, and Restorative. As we further understand you and exactly what you would like to deepen into, we incorporate our tools to make the most beneficial practice for your entire being.


We also play in acroyoga and yoga paddle boarding.



Groups & privates • 60 MINUTES

Mediation is achieved through many means, there are many schools, mentalities on ways to practice.  Active/passive, eyes open/closed, with mantra/without, etc. We have a vast knowledge, practice, and experience that we would be honored to share with you. Whether that is by introducing you to meditation at its basics,or to encourage and support you in deepening the practice you already have by giving you more tools.



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